What your 2018 goals are missing

By this point in January, you’ve probably made some goals for the upcoming year. Maybe you made a list of New Year’s resolutions for your business. Maybe you picked a word for the year. Maybe you created some audacious goals, wrote them down on a big sheet of paper and hung them in your office where you’ll see them every day. 

I’m a hell yes for all of that. BUT I also want to jump in here and share a little piece of advice because, too often, I see creatives and entrepreneurs stop too soon in the goal-setting process. I see them set their goals, then forget to take the next steps – the very steps that will increase their likelihood of getting where they want to go.

And because I am ALL about helping you reaching your goals this year, I want to show you how to take the next steps in the goal setting process in a really simple way. All you need to do is ask yourself two questions. (Yes, here I am again asking questions – I just can’t help myself because the right questions create so much clarity.)

First, I want you to look at the goals on your list and, one by one, ask yourself why do I want to reach this goal? This question is key because it will help you uncover what I call the "goal behind the goal". When you understand the deeper purpose a goal serves, it provides you with the kind of unshakeable determination and motivation you need to work toward it. Think of it this way: it’s the difference between saying I want to double my income this year and I want to double my income because it means I can leave my corporate job and finally go full time in my business.

The second question you want to ask yourself about each goal is how will I make this happen? Too often, we set goals and forget to attach them to action plans – and without a plan, it’s next to impossible to reach the goal you’re chasing. Asking yourself how you’ll make a goal happen gets your brain thinking creatively and constructively so you can map out a simple action plan. If you wanted to double your income, for example, an action plan might include mapping out revenue streams to make that happen. Like I said, pretty simple, but you need that kind of detail and clarity so you can start working toward your goal.

As you use these questions to take your goal-setting process a little deeper, I’d love to hear from you. So please comment below and tell me one goal you’re working on this year and why it matters to you.

With love,


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