the surprisingly simple practice that keeps me on track

I have this little practice in my business that’s so simple I barely even realized I was doing it. And I certainly didn’t realize how much it helped me keep on top of things day after day. 

Yet for all its simplicity, this practice is the thing that helps me feel calm and caught up in my business. It’s what keeps the overwhelm at bay. It’s what allows me to feel like I’m in charge and like I’m growing my business with intention. 

It’s what prevents me from feeling like I’m driving a runaway train. 

Have I got your attention? Good, because I want to introduce you to this practice so you can adopt it and bring more ease into your business starting today.

I call this practice wrapping up loose ends and I do it at the end of my working hours every day.

I start by looking back. I glance at my planner and tie up any to-dos that still need doing. If I’ve stayed on task with my big projects that day, these are usually emails or admin stuff. If I haven’t gotten to the bigger projects, I have to decide if I want to move those projects to another day or pause them (because maybe they shouldn't have been a priority in the first place). Honesty is key here.

Next, I go through my inbox; I respond to timely messages from clients and colleagues, delete items that aren’t of interest and spend a few minutes reading those that are. Then I log onto Facebook and check in with The Simplified Entrepreneur community to see if anyone’s posted a call for support or shared news about a big win. 

Then I look forward to the day ahead. I check out my online calendar to see what calls, appointments and projects I have on my plate the next day. I make notes and do any necessary prep work to get ready for those appointments. 

This practice takes me mere minutes (I’d wager about 30 minutes on an average day). But those few minutes make all the difference in how I feel about my workday when I wrap up and how prepared I feel when I sit down at my desk the next day.

So now I’m going to ask you: could you carve out 30 minutes to wrap up the loose ends in your own business? And would you, if you knew it would make all the difference in how you feel running your business each day?

Comment below and let me know – I want to hear your questions about my loose ends practice and find out how it works for you if you try it.

With love,