you’ve got a choice to make about the rest of 2018

Take a look at your calendar. You’ve got 3 months. 13 weeks. About 90 days, and many, many hours to make shifts happen in your business before the curtain goes down on 2018. 

And yet, I’ve heard quite a few people hinting that they’re not going to use those hours to their advantage. That they’re going to pause (or just continue to procrastinate) on their big picture projects, their revenue-generating ideas and their goals to streamline their business so they can grow with more intention and ease. 

Essentially, they’ve decided it would be ok to put their goals and plans aside for now and just maintain where they’re at for the rest of the year.

When pressed as to why, they might say it’s because they’re already overwhelmed. Or maybe they don’t think there’s enough time left this year to do anything worthwhile. 

But really, they don’t have a clear reason, which is why I call B.S.

In fact, from where I’m sitting, I’d say you have two ways to look at the rest of this year. You can view the year as almost up, in which case you won't set any big goals, tackle any new challenges or do much to take your business to the next level over these next three months.

This is what I call "next year" mindset, where you’ve decided to wait until January 1st, 2019 to start doing the work on your business that will help you grow more. 

Now I get that January 1st feels more like a fresh start than some Tuesday in October but, still, there’s another option: you can make the choice to start simplifying your business and going after your goals right now

You still have the time to make changes that will help you stop feeling like things are a hot mess behind the scenes and start feeling like you’re growing your business with intention and ease. 

You have the ability to transform not just your business, but also how you operate in it. 

You have the opportunity to streamline your business, to embrace big goals (and bigger growth) and to lay the foundation for an even more incredible 2019. 

You can even have the support you need to get there so you can start operating like a simplified entrepreneur well before the end of this year.

The choice is yours – and your mindset about it will make all the difference.

So comment below, and tell me, what will you do in your business before 2018 comes to close? 

If nothing else, sharing your intentions will get you into action and provide you with the accountability you crave.

With love,