don’t have enough hours to get stuff done? Read this.

A few weeks ago, I had a DAY. A day where time felt really hard to come by. A day where I was facing unexpected interruptions and limitations. A day where I was juggling a lot of demands. 

With all that going on, I didn’t have many hours to work. It would have been easy for me to give in to overwhelm and decide that productivity could wait for another day. 

But I knew that wouldn’t benefit my business one bit. So I did what I always do to make the most of my time on days when it’s in short supply. I got focused and maximized the time I did have so I could still move my business forward in spite of my constraints. 

I know you too face days when you don’t feel like you have enough hours in the day to make a difference in your business – especially as we head into the holidays when demands on your time seem to double. 

That’s why I want you to know exactly how you can get focused and maximize whatever time you have available. When you boil it down, it’s really quite simple. 

You need focus on what matters most and give yourself permission to let the rest go. 

Yes, really.

Practically, that means you first have to decide what matters most. I’m going to suggest that two things – and only two things – should be your top priority when your time is limited. 

The first is fulfilling your work. Whether that looks like making products or delivering a service to your clients, it’s essential that you continue to make time for these things because they are the beating heart of your business.

The second thing you should focus on is growth-oriented work because when you only have two or three or four hours a day available, you can’t waste time on busywork and shiny objects. 

So instead of scrolling social media or passively consuming a bunch of content or trying to get to inbox zero, you should focus on the tasks that help your business grow. The tasks themselves look different for every business but will always be the things that lead to more sales, more clients, more growth. They may include lead generation, networking, pitching podcasts, writing content or creating workshops. These are the things you must prioritize.

The hard part, typically, is letting the rest go because you will undoubtedly have other tasks you want to tend to, other things you want to work on and other ideas you want to pursue. So remember that you do not have to pause on those things forever. You just need to place them at the bottom of your priority list on days when time is in short supply. 

Now that you know how to get focused and maximize whatever time you have available, comment below and tell me: what’s one thing you will focus on the next time your time is in short supply? 

With love,

P.S. The whole idea of growing your business by doing less is a hard one to wrap your head around. That's why I appreciate opportunities to have conversations on this topic, and why I’m so excited to share this episode of Amanda Dennelly’s fantastic new podcast, One Simple Shift, with you.

In the interview, we talk about ways to grow your business by doing less, and especially about the mindset and logistics of delegating. And you can bet we talked about all the fears you have about delegating because that's also a huge piece of the puzzle. To listen to the episode, just click here.