this is how I only work 25 hours a week

I used to spend a lot of time working. I was the kind of small business owner who worked a normal 9 to 5 schedule, then padded those hours with extra work on the evenings and weekends. 

Part of the reason I put in so many hours was that I enjoyed my work. But if I’m being really honest, the other reason I worked so much is that I refused to bring on any kind of support in my business.

I was committed to doing it all myself and did not see a future where I delegated tasks in my business to someone else.

I simply didn’t think delegating was for me. I didn’t want to let go of control in my business. I didn’t want to bring on support and have it take away from my bottom line. I didn’t want to spend time finding people to outsource things to or figure out what I should pass off to them. 

And I certainly didn’t see myself as the kind of business owner who had a team in place that allowed her to grow more while working less.

So I continued to work a lot of hours, though I also started wondering if it was in the best interest of my business because I saw that I’d reached my capacity for growth going at it alone.

I didn’t see an alternative, however, until a smart mentor made a subtle suggestion. She asked me if getting a few things off my plate could free up my time and energy for more important work – the kind of work that would help my business grow to the next level.

I got curious so I asked around for referrals and found a great person for a one-off project, just to test the waters. That one-off project led to another project, and I saw the writing on the wall: having support in my business, even just a small amount, was exactly what I needed to grow. 

That’s when I brought on a part-time team member and started working with a few contractors who are now part of my small team. It’s also when things really started to shift. As these amazing women handled to-dos behind-the-scenes in my business, I started spending my time on growth-oriented work and, not surprisingly, my revenue increased. 

What was surprising was that I also discovered that when I have support, I can run what’s essentially a full-time business while working just 25 hours a week. Because my team handles the things that used to suck up all my time, I can work fewer, more focused hours without sacrificing growth. 

I want this for you too. Because I know that your plate is too full and believe that you recognize that you’ve reached your capacity for growth unless something changes in your business. 

That something could be bringing on support.

It doesn’t, however, have to be a huge or complicated step. Instead, steal a page from my playbook. Think about the type of support that would make the most difference in your business. Ask around for referrals. Hire the best person for a one-off project or on a trial basis so you can test the waters. Let them take care of the tasks that take up too much of your time.

Then use a few of those freed up hours to focus on growth-oriented work and you’ll start seeing how delegating can help you take your business to the next level.

With love,


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