this is what I want for you in 2019

Right now, I hope that you’re getting ready to enjoy your holidays. That you’re planning on spending some time unplugged. That you’ve entered a season of slowing down so you can recoup and relax and unwind.

I’ll be doing much of the same this season – in fact, this is the last post I’m writing in 2018 as I’m taking the rest of the year off to enjoy winter break with my family.

But before I officially sign off for the year, there’s something I want you to know – actually there are a few things.

I want you to know…

that it’s entirely possible to wake up every day feeling calm and focused and excited to get to work instead of always feeling behind and overwhelmed

that you can free up more of your most valuable asset (your time) by streamlining your business 

that your success doesn’t have to come at the cost of your health, your family, your hobbies, your life

that simplifying your business will create more than just ease for you – it will also create opportunities for intentional growth

that you can run a profitable, full-time business in less than 25 hours a week 

that success in your business doesn’t mean sacrificing freedom or flexibility in your life

that you can reach the next level of growth, revenue and impact without adding piles of to-dos onto your (already full) plate

that you can do less AND get better results in your business by focusing your attention on the right things, then letting the rest go

Finally, I want you to know that it’s entirely possible for you – yes YOU – to run a simplified business that creates opportunities to grow to the next level without creating more chaos behind the scenes. 

I share this because I didn’t always believe that it was possible to run a business that was simple AND successful. It was this year, more than any other year, that showed me it’s possible through the incredible growth I’ve experienced and the many successes of my clients. 

I believe that a simple, streamlined, sustainable business is yours to create if you want to do things differently in 2019. And if you do, I’ll be walking right alongside you, providing you with resources, mentorship and support.

So tell me, how can I best support you when it comes to simplifying and streamlining your business next year? What feels too complicated right now? What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing? What topics do you want to talk more about?

Take a few minutes to comment below and let me know. I love hearing from you, and I’ll use your responses to put together some great resources that will help you start 2019 with good intentions.

With love,