you just need to start with one

Earlier this week, I shared a list of systems that I’ve used to bring more ease and profit into my business and help me experience more freedom in my life. Then I encouraged you to make a list of systems you could consider for your own business.

If you made that list, you might feel overwhelmed - so overwhelmed that you might be tempted to ignore your need for systems entirely.

But please remember: you do not need to start implementing all of the systems at once. When I was adding systems to my business, I started with just one - and that's all you need to do too.

Because doing the work to create and implement just one system is something you can do.

To figure out where to start, I recommend taking a look at your list and picking the system that feels the most urgent to create. It might be the one you would use the most or the one that would help you maximize your time or profits better. Or maybe, it’s the system that will help you stop feeling like you’re chained to your business and start feeling like you have some freedom to step away from work from time to time.

Whatever system you choose to start with, this is your chance to commit to getting a system in place so you can see how much growth, freedom and fulfillment it can make possible for you.

With love,