what happened when Melissa streamlined her business

The thing successful entrepreneurs tell me most often is "I just need to streamline my business so I can..."

They each have their reasons for wanting to streamline. Some want to streamline so they can grow more. Some want to streamline to create more ease. Some want to streamline so they can finally have time to tackle big picture projects in their business. Some want to streamline to provide more freedom in their life.

And some want to streamline because they want it all - growth, freedom and fulfillment.

That's what Melissa was seeking.

Melissa had a thriving business as a certified sleep consultant and the founder of Sleep Shop. She enjoyed her work, had plenty of clients and revenue coming in and was even growing a small team.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well yes, and no. Because even though her business was successful on paper, the truth was Melissa knew things could be so much better.

The problem was she couldn’t see how she could simplify and streamline her business so she could grow to the next level.

That’s when Melissa and I connected.

On our Discovery Call, Melissa told me that things looked great on the surface but were a bit of a mess behind the scenes. She was spending too much time fielding consults that didn’t amount to much. Her web site was outdated and her services were too complicated. She knew she was missing key foundational pieces in her business (like an opt-in and email list) that would increase her revenue. 

And she had some big goals – the kind of goals that would position her as a recognized expert in her field. But she just couldn’t find time to get featured in publications or launch a podcast because she was too busy managing the day to day.

As Melissa put it, "The business was coming in, which was great, but I was struggling to figure out how to spend my time so I could give my clients the best care and attention possible and create opportunities for my business to grow in new areas."

With growth as our focus, Melissa and I decided to work together to simplify her business so she could streamline her backend, strengthen her foundation and create time for those big picture projects.

During our four month coaching partnership, Melissa... 

  • Streamlined her onboarding process to create more ease and improve her client experience.
  • Redesigned her entire web site and social media strategy so everything was on brand and attracting the right kind of clientele for her services.
  • Created an opt-in and newsletter so she could grow her audience and nurture warm leads. 
  • Launched The Sleep Shop Podcast and recorded a 12-episode season that increased her visibility, positioned her as an expert and expanded her reach.
  • Restructured her team and hired new support so she could focus less on short consults and busywork and more on high-level, growth-oriented activities.

And, perhaps most impressively, Melissa was able to lighten her workload and prioritize family time going into 2018 because her business was finally set up to provide her with that kind of freedom in her life. 

When Melissa signed up for a free Discovery Call and took that first step to explore her options to get support, she set everything in motion.

You can too. And if these are the kind of results you want in your business and life, consider this your invitation to join me for a Discovery Call of your own. 

I'd love to talk with you about how I can help you streamline your business so you can experience more success, enjoy more fulfillment with your work and create more freedom in your life. To find a time to connect, just click here

With love,