your hustle has an expiration date

The first year of my first go at entrepreneurship was a blur of late nights, last-minute gigs and plenty of hustle as I worked to get known as a freelance writer and make a real living doing something I loved.

That kind of hustle was necessary at the start but I knew I could only sustain it for a season, not a lifetime. 

So after that first year, I took a different approach to growing my business. Unlike many other writers and editors in my industry, I…

stopped taking ALL the jobs and instead signed on with a few key clients who provided me with fulfilling work and a steady paycheck.

focused the majority of my time on high-impact activities like relationship building, pitching and exploring story leads instead of focusing on the small stuff like chasing social media likes. 

took the simplest path forward whenever I could, which is why I didn’t even have a web site at first. I simply didn’t need one to pitch stories to editors and profit off my ideas.

I ran that streamlined business year after year until I switched gears and started coaching entrepreneurs. But even then, I kept things simple because I knew that I couldn’t hustle around the clock and have the kind of life I desired too.

So why am I telling you this today? 

I’m sharing this story because I believe that everyone has to hustle – but only to a point. And because I see too many ambitious women entrepreneurs get trapped in the hustle stage long after they want to or, quite frankly, should. 

These are the women who tell me they feel chained to their desk (and their phone). These are the women who tell me they’re missing out on moments with their kids because they can’t step away from work. They’re the ones who tell me they don’t have time to take care of themselves or have hobbies because they’re hustling too much, and too hard.

These are the women whose motto has been do it all but who wish it could be do less, better

If you can relate, I hope my experience will show you that you can end a season of hustle and grow from a more sustainable place – but you have to want it and you have to be intentional about it. 

And if I’ve piqued your curiosity, check back on Friday when I’ll share a few tips to help you slow down your hustle now.

With love,