how to stop the hustle

It’s hard to step back from the hustle when it’s become a habit.

That’s why I want to share a few things you can STOP doing to end your current season of hustle and start growing your business like a simplified entrepreneur whose focus is on doing less better so you can live more. 

If you’re ready to stop hustling so much, you need to…

  • STOP saying yes to projects, collaborations and clients that aren’t a good fit for you or your business. Yes, they may provide you with a modest benefit (like a little revenue or visibility boost) but they’re rarely worth the cost.
  • STOP trying to do it all yourself. You’re keeping yourself in a state of hustle and overwhelm by wearing all the hats. Figure out what you do well and own it. Then pass the other tasks off to a team member, an assistant, a contractor, an intern or even a system that can automate things for you.
  • STOP working on so many things at once. Your goals and ideas have merit but they aren’t going run away if you pause work on a few of them. It’s ok to slow your roll and focus on a few key projects instead of spreading yourself too thin trying to do them all.

Finally, there’s one thing you have to start doing if you want to stop hustling so hard. You have to commit to operating in a different way. 

It won’t be easy because you’re building a new habit. But it will be worthwhile because THIS is the work that will allow you to move toward a season of sustainable growth. 

And if you need help figuring out what this work will look like for you, just comment below and fill me in on the challenges you're facing right now. I love hearing from you and will reply with some specific-to-you advice. 

With love,