no, you do not have to blog

When you’re looking to grow your business without overcomplicating things, you often need to get back to basics – and when we’re talking about basics, content is key. 

Like the women I work with, I know you’ve heard how important it is to create content so you can communicate with your audience.

And if you’re not creating content, you probably have a feeling that it could be the missing piece. It could be the thing that helps you make more sales (if you’re not reaching your goals yet) or the thing that allows you to leverage your big following by helping you connect with people who would buy from you if only you reached out.

I bet the question you’re asking now with dread is does this mean I have to blog? 

My answer is no because it won’t be enjoyable for you to start a blog (or pick an old one back up) if it feels like a should. And if it’s not enjoyable, I doubt you’ll do it no matter how much it would help your business. 

So no, I don’t care if you blog. I do care that you find a way to consistently communicate with your audience that feels good to you and makes sense for your business or brand (i.e. if your audience isn’t on Twitter, it probably doesn’t make sense to spend your time tweeting.)

This might mean you…

  • Create an engaging monthly newsletter to send out to your audience.
  • Host weekly Facebook Lives where you teach something valuable for your community.
  • Take your audience behind the scenes in your business and show them what products you’re working on in a weekly Instagram live.
  • Start that podcast you’ve been dreaming about and let your episodes be the signature piece of content you deliver to your audience each week.
  • Record a piece of video content and post it to YouTube each week.

Or if writing IS your thing, do that blog. 

The point is you need to pick what works for you. Then schedule time in your calendar for content creation and commit to it because consistency matters. It will get you in the habit of producing content and your audience will get in the habit of anticipating it too.

With love,


P.S. This blog is the piece of content I consistently create each week. But when I get the chance to create fun bonus content for you – like this interview I recorded with Brit Kolo of the Marketing In Yoga Pants podcast  – I’m always eager to do it. You can catch the interview and listen to Brit and I chat about how you can prioritize fulfillment in your business and how I make sure my business and schedule support my priorities, here