you can have growth without overwhelm

One of the things that holds busy entrepreneurs back from taking steps to grow is the feeling that their plate is already too full – and that adding one more thing would vastly overcomplicate their business, and their lives.

They're absolutely right. But the thing they can't see is that there is another way to grow when they're at max capacity. Because when busy entrepreneurs take the time to simplify their business and get intentional about their growth strategies, they can experience more success without feeling like they're burning the candle at both ends.

That’s why my work always starts with helping you simplify the backend and foundation of your business. It's a bit like spring cleaning (without the drudgery) because it's about organizing your business and clearing out what's not working to create space for growth.

BUT we don’t stop there. Next, we identify simple strategies and a focused, do-able marketing plan that will help you experience more success in your business without overcomplicating things.

Without that piece in place, you'll simplify your business then eventually end up right back where you started, buried in work and completely overwhelmed – and that kind of cycle isn’t very pleasant or effective.

A better approach to growth is to focus on a few solid strategies, then develop some systems around them so you can use them week after week and month after month. 

I call this the "rinse and repeat" approach to growth and it works for a few reasons. It saves you from having to reinvent the wheel each month. It helps you better leverage your time and energy. It allows you to get focused and become really efficient and effective with a few strategies instead of trying to tackle all of them. 

And, it allows you to do less, better to market and grow your business, which is something I stand for as a simplified entrepreneur. 

Now I’m guessing you’re curious what a rinse and repeat approach actually looks like so, later this week, I’ll show you how I use it in my own business to help me reach new audiences and increase my income and impact without doing #allthethings. 

Until then, I want you to stop thinking you need to reinvent the wheel or try dozens of new things to reach the next level in your business. I want you to lean into the possibility that it could look different – and a whole lot simpler – for you.

With love,


P.S. If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you streamline your business and grow more intentionally, click here to read about my signature Simplified Intensives. I'd love to talk with you about how simplifying could help you reach the next level in your business without the overwhelm.