how I use the “rinse and repeat” model in my business

Hopefully you’ve spent the last few days considering the idea that you can grow your business without overcomplicating things by using the "rinse and repeat" approach I told you about on Tuesday.

But even if you like the idea of growing your business in a simpler way, you might feel stuck when it comes to identifying the right growth strategies for you and then figuring out how to use the "rinse and repeat" approach with them.

That’s why I want to take you behind the scenes and show you how I use this approach in my own business with one of my favorite growth strategies: podcasts.

Last fall, I got featured on a few podcasts and discovered that it was a great growth strategy for me. The only hiccup was that it was taking me too much time to research podcasts, pitch the host and do the prep work before the interview. So while I’d identified a great growth strategy, the way I was going about it was sending me into overwhelm.

I knew I needed to find a better way to approach this strategy. So I…

  • Created a step-by-step system that outlines the entire process from pitching the podcast to sending a thank you note to the host. 
  • Drafted pitches for four signature topics I can speak on so I don’t have to come up with new ideas to pitch each month.
  • Designed opt-ins to match those topics so I can give more value to the podcast audiences and grow my list without having to create new content every time. 
  • Developed a process to prep for interviews that takes me half the time it used to. 

Now that I’ve done the backend work to help me pitch podcasts with ease, I’ve been able to put this growth strategy on "rinse and repeat". That means that every month I pitch two podcasts and, generally, record at least one interview.

It’s such a seamless process that it almost feels automated. And it leads to great results, which is exactly what I want for you.

So tell me, what growth strategy would you like to put on "rinse and repeat" this month? Comment below and let me know. 

With love,


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