what makes my time management approach unique

If you’re anything like my clients, managing your time is your biggest challenge. For one thing, there’s never enough of it. You work lots of hours but never feel very focused or productive. You have so many ideas but no time to work on them so you always feel behind. 

And don’t even get started on the life stuff. Hobbies and self-care are not happening because you can’t find the time to enjoy the freedoms of working for yourself. 

So you’ve thrown solutions at the problem. You’ve tried implementing a morning routine. You’ve attempted time blocking. You’ve bought a few (ok, a dozen) different planners that promise to keep your business and life organized and on track. 

But nothing has really stuck. Nothing has helped you better manage your time and be more productive. And nothing has helped you make sure that your business supports your life, rather than take away from it.

I’m not surprised because most of these solutions skip a step. 

Do you want to know what that step is so you can finally master time management and make space for more growth in your business and more freedom in your life?

All you need to do is show up next Friday, May 4th, for my free Simplify Your Schedule workshop.

During this online workshop, I’ll reveal the step most scheduling systems skip and teach you a simple approach to time management that will help you solve your challenges, make time to do your most important work and create space to enjoy the freedom and flexibility you desire in your life.

Are you just a little curious what that could look like? 

You can RSVP for the workshop here.

I’ll see you there.

With love,