what if you only set three goals this month?


The fastest way to overcomplicate the goal setting process is to have too many of them. 

This sounds obvious but ambitious entrepreneurs fall into this trap all the time – especially at the start of the month when it feels like you have a huge window to accomplish a bunch of goals.

This is why I keep myself in check and practice the rule of three

Picking just three big goals to work on each month helps me stay focused. I actually finish projects (whereas before I’d make a little headway on lots of goals but rarely complete any of them). Even better, practicing the rule of three helps me keep the overwhelm at bay, which is pretty important when you want your business to support your lifestyle not create added stress.

If you have a tendency to set too many goals at the start of the month, I encourage you to give this approach a try. (It will also help you if you never set goals and need to ease into the process in an intentional way.) 

When you use the rule of three, you’ll find that you get more done, do better quality work and end the month feeling accomplished instead of feeling like you’re always behind.

And if you’re already wondering which goals you should focus on right now, I’d love for you to first brainstorm a list of potential goals and projects you could work on this month. Then I’ll be back in a few days and tell you how to narrow your options down to three. 

With love,


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