how to pick the right goals for right now

Inevitably, when I invite a client to pick JUST three goals for the month, their response sounds something like this: how can I pick just three goals and trust that they’re the right ones to focus on?

If you’re considering a bunch of goals for this month, you’re probably feeling similarly about narrowing your focus to just three. So I wanted to take you behind the scenes in my business and tell you how I pick the right goals to work on each month.

I start by looking at my list of options (and if you made a list of your own potential goals earlier this week, now’s the time to pull it out). Then I ask myself…

Which of these goals are the most timely?
Which of these goals will help drive the results I want in my business right now?
Which of these goals will create the most fulfillment in my work and freedom in my life?

I consider timeliness to help me keep up with deadline-driven goals and prevent me from missing opportunities that only come around once a year or once a season. I ask myself which goals will help drive results to prevent me from focusing on something that’s not going to grow my income or impact. And I ask myself which goals will be fulfilling to work on and contribute to freedom in my life because these are two things I value immensely.

If you’re struggling to pick three goals to focus on this month, you can use these questions (or your own versions of these questions) to help you narrow your choices down.

Then comment below and tell me which three goals you’ve decided to focus on this month. It will provide you with a little extra accountability – plus I really do love hearing from you.

With love,