are you making space for your big ideas and goals?


Think about the goals you set for yourself last month – especially the ones related to the ideas and big, growth-oriented projects you wanted to get off the ground. 

Now reflect back on how you spent your days and tell me honestly: did you actually make time to work on your important ideas and projects?

If your answer is yes, you can stop reading right now.

But more likely, you answered no because you got bogged down in managing the everyday to dos in your business and let your big ideas and projects fall by the wayside. 

I get it. Finding time to work on your business, not just in it, can feel impossible when you’re juggling so much just to keep things running. After all, you may have clients to support, products to make, admin to catch up on and marketing to do – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

THIS is a pervasive problem for entrepreneurs, and exactly why so many people struggle to find time for important, growth-oriented ideas and projects. It’s also why so many business owners stay stuck in the same place, unable to grow past their current level of success. 

My solution? I urge my clients to stop trying to find time to tackle new ideas and projects and start making time for them. Then I encourage them to protect that time, fiercely.

You could call this a strategy but it’s actually more of a mindset shift. Because honestly, you’ll never find the time in your busy schedule to get to the most important work in your business. If you really want to get your big ideas and new projects off the ground, you have to start prioritizing them. 

Once you’ve adopted that mindset, you can figure out how you want that time to look for you. There are many ways my clients and I have made time to nurture our ideas and projects in our businesses, and later this week I'll share a few simple strategies with you. 

With love,


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