building your email list the simple way

Email lists are the part of a strong business foundation that most of my clients overlook. I told you why they neglect to set up their email list earlier this week – and I promised to show you how you can take some simple steps to get your own email list up and running if you’re in the same boat. 

So here they are:

1. Find something of value to gift them
There aren’t many people who will just join a weekly newsletter or sign up to get "occasional updates from you" these days. That means you need to offer individuals something of value in exchange for giving you their email address. BUT you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or give them something over-the-top for the exchange to feel valuable. If you sell products, you could give them a discount code to use for their first order. If you deliver a service, you could give new subscribers free access to your signature workbook or a video training series that you’ve already created. 

2. Write a series of welcome emails
Once someone opts in to your list, you want to nurture them with a series of welcome emails. Some experts argue that you should write a long series of welcome emails that drips out over the course of weeks or months. I think that’s a lot of emails to write when we’re trying to uncomplicate this process for you. So I’m going to encourage you to pursue simple and get fancy later in this case, which means you’re just going to write a 4 or 5 email welcome series. These emails should deliver your freebie, introduce you to your audience, provide a client case study or testimonial and tell people how they can take the next step with you. (I went into more detail about the content you can include in these emails on a live video training inside The Simplified Entrepreneur group this week. To catch the replay, just click here.) 

3. Make a plan to communicate with your list
Once you have your email list set up, the most important thing you can do is be consistent with your communication. So before you even start gathering emails, identify how you want to communicate with your list and how often you want to connect with them. You might decide to send out a monthly roundup or a weekly newsletter or video training. The choice is yours but the thing you absolutely must do is decide on your content style and then commit to the consistency that works for you.

The only thing we haven’t covered yet is the actual set up – as in the technology you should use to get your list up and running. You have a few options so if you have questions about that piece, or about how you can implement these steps in your own business, comment below and let me know. 

I love hearing from you and will reply to your questions with some specific-to-you advice.

With love,