the secret to creating more freedom in your business


I want to introduce you to someone – a woman who is, by all means, just like you.

About a decade ago, this woman graduated from college with a good degree and a few job prospects. The only problem was that she couldn’t find any jobs that gave her the freedom to set her own schedule and live in the city she wanted to call home.

So she created her own path, and built her own business with freedom in mind.

She wanted freedom to set her own hours and make her own schedule. Freedom to travel and take time off. Freedom to spend time with her partner and family. Freedom to pursue the creative projects that fulfilled her – and freedom to say no to the ones that weren’t a good fit. 

But a few years in, this woman realized things had become overly complicated. She was feeling too much stress and overwhelm. She was spending too much time working on the day to day tasks in her business and not nearly enough time focusing on the big picture projects that would help her grow. And she was just as much a slave to her job as any woman who was working the 9 to 5 grind. 

That’s because she was still doing all the things and wearing all the hats and working around the clock to make her business work. She was still hustling, and she couldn’t yet see that there was a better way to run and grow her business. 

But she knew something had to give so she started making small changes to simplify her business and see if she could get some of her freedom back. She streamlined her workflows and started relying on systems. She started delegating more. She focused on doing a few projects really well and let the rest go. She learned to say no. And she discovered ways she could continue to grow without overcomplicating things.

The shifts themselves were subtle but they had a huge impact in this woman’s business and life.

Over time, she reclaimed her freedom. Now, she sets her own hours and can prioritize the things that are most important to her. She can give to her health by starting the day with a yoga class or taking a midday break to go to the gym. She can make time for a day date with her partner or volunteer at her daughters’ schools. She can unplug at 3pm so she can spend her afternoons taking her kids to a park or just sit and enjoy time reading in the sun.

Her business serves her life. And the best part is that she was able to recreate this freedom without sacrificing growth because she discovered that true, sustainable growth stems from simplicity. 

If you haven’t already guessed it, the woman in this story is me. I’m telling you this because I want you to know that I’ve been in your shoes. And because of that, I can see the way out of the hustle and stress and overwhelm for you. 

This kind of shift is possible for you too. And while you could do the work to simplify your business on your own, I want to invite you to do it together so we can help you streamline your business while facing fewer challenges and experiencing more success.

If you want to stop overcomplicating your business and start creating a model that allows you to grow more sustainably, do more fulfilling work and experience more freedom in your life, comment below so we can have a conversation about what that would look like for you. 

All my best,


P.S. Because you’re part of this intimate community, I want to let you know that I’m planning my summer coaching calendar now – and I’ll be working fewer hours so I can spend more time with my daughters on their summer break. (Finding ways for you to work less this summer is one of the freedoms I want to create for you too.) 

This all goes to say that if you’re thinking you might want to do a coaching intensive or package this summer, now would be a good time to get in my calendar. If you want to chat more,  click here to book a free Discovery Call.