why my days as an entrepreneur look different than most

There’s no shortage of experts telling you that success in business requires sacrifice – and that feeling stressed and time-starved and overwhelmed is just the way it has to be if you want your business to grow. 

Honestly, that message doesn’t resonate with me. Because while I have hustled in the past, that phase was short-lived. I quickly learned that burning the candle at both ends wasn’t for me – and it wasn’t the best way to grow my business either.

Things started to shift when I streamlined my business to run in a really simplified way. I talk about the changes I made and what they created for me day to day in this recent Facebook Live.

Click here to check it out.

There is so much noise out there telling you that you need to do more, be available around the clock and work yourself into the ground if you want to see results. I hope this livestream reminds you that there is another way – and dare I say a better, more life-giving way – to run and grow your business.

It starts with simplifying, and you can take a step in that direction today by doing two things. 

First, watch the livestream so you can see what’s possible for you. Then make sure to join The Simplified Entrepreneur community (if you aren’t already a member) because I’ll be sharing something with the group very soon that will help you take key steps to streamline your business. 

All my best,