why you should stop creating custom proposals

Over the past few months, I’ve done coaching intensives with a variety of small business owners. These business owners differed in many ways but all had one thing in common: they spent too much time creating custom proposals and delivering custom work to their clients.

They had good intentions. Creating custom proposals felt generous, personalized and valuable for their potential clients. It also seemed like the route they had to take because they couldn’t yet see the similarities in the work they did from one client or project to the next.

The downside? All those proposals and all that custom work consumed their time and energy. It also made it hard to take steps to simplify their business, steps like developing systems and workflows or streamlining their sales process and customer journey.

Knowing this, I posed a simple question at the start of each intensive: what would it feel like for you to have signature offers or service packages to sell to potential clients? 

I could almost hear them breathe a sigh of relief. They all recognized that it would be a positive change, and a necessary one if they wanted to reach the next level in their business without overcomplicating things. 

I’m guessing you can see the logic in creating signature offers or service packages too – especially if you’re spending all your time doing custom proposals and work right now. But just to make sure, let me outline a few more ways this change can benefit your business.

Signature offers or service packages will help you…

become more productive, freeing up time and space for other things.

focus on delivering the services you do best – and let go of the things you don’t enjoy doing.

set yourself apart from similar businesses in your niche.

improve your customer experience.

And then there’s my favorite benefit: they change the sales conversation. 

Here's why: when you invite a potential client to choose between a selection of signature services, you shift the conversation from do you want to work together? to how do you want to work together? This puts them in a position of choice and empowerment  and often increases your sales. 

If you’re sold on creating signature offers or service packages for your own business, watch for my post later this week. I’ll give you some simple tips so you can stop creating custom proposals and start leveraging the benefits of having set offers and packages in place.

With love,