3 tips to simplify your signature offers

Earlier this week, we talked about the many benefits you’ll get from creating signature offers and service packages to sell to potential clients. 

What we didn’t talk about was HOW to create those packages – and that’s an important conversation to have because it can feel challenging and overly complicated to distill everything you can do for clients down into a set of signature offers.

Fortunately, there are ways to simplify this process – and I’m sharing three of them below so you can get this key foundational piece in place in your business with a lot more ease. 

Here they are:

1. Don’t try to create ALL the offers. You do not need to create dozens of services and packages to serve your clients well – in fact, having too many will overcomplicate your life and confuse potential clients (and confused people rarely buy). For starters, I recommend coming up with three services or packages. You’ll want a VIP-type offer that has all the bells and whistles, a mid-level offer that provides a solid service but exercises some boundaries and a small-bite offer that just solves one or two small problems for your audience. That’s all you really need.

2. Do consider what you love doing – and what you don’t. Business owners often struggle to figure out the features and deliverables they should include in their offers or packages. I think the most obvious place to start is by identifying the things you love doing for clients – and the things you don’t enjoy working on. Once we have a list of the things you love doing, we can see what features and deliverables you should include in your packages, and also the ones you should leave out.

3. Don’t overthink your pricing. Putting a price tag on your signature offers or service packages can feel challenging because it involves multiple factors. To uncomplicate the pricing process, I tell my clients to consider two things. First, I ask them to consider the time and energy they’ll spend delivering a service or package. Then I ask them to consider the result they’re creating for their clients – and what that result is worth. Once they consider these two things, they can almost always name a price for their package that we can then refine as needed. 

These are three solid, simple tips that will help you start mapping out your signature offers and service packages. But if you start working on them and realize you need more support, I encourage you to book a free Discovery Call so we can talk about creating your signature offers or service packages one on one. 

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With love,