my client called this PURE GOLD

We all have things in our business that seem obvious to us but are insanely valuable to other people. 

My approach to marketing – which I call a Simplified Marketing Plan – is one of those things. I couldn’t quite see its value to others until I casually shared it with a client and she called it PURE GOLD.

After teaching this system to dozens of women, I now know how useful it is. I know that it can help you manage the demands of marketing your business without feeling like you’re spinning into overwhelm. I know it can help you stay organized and focused on the right marketing activities for your particular business. I know that sticking with it will decrease your stress, improve your consistency and help you feel like you’re finally staying on top of your marketing. 

And while I shared the steps to create your own Simplified Marketing Plan earlier this week, I want to get more specific for you today so you have everything you need to create a plan of your own.

To learn more, you can watch my short Simplified Marketing Plan training (for free!) by clicking here.

After you watch it, comment below and let me know what questions come up as you get ready to implement this useful marketing system in your business.

With love,