I haven’t ever talked about this

I’ve told you before that the work I do with my clients is pretty personal. It’s tailored to their needs. It’s custom. If we were getting really fancy, you might even call it bespoke. 

And yet…

After helping dozens of entrepreneurs simplify their business, patterns emerged. I still can’t say I provide cookie cutter solutions but my coaching is rooted in a framework that transforms my client’s businesses. It’s this framework that helps my clients stop feeling like a hot mess and start feeling like they’re growing a sustainable, life-giving business with intention and ease. 

We always start by considering what their business currently looks like. This step in the framework involves an assessment where we identify what’s not working for them, whether it’s their business model, their services or the fact that they’re running a solo show. We address the elements in their business that need polishing and the ones they never got around to dealing with because they were so busy trying to survive the day to day. 

Our goal with this first step is simple: we’re looking to firm up the foundation of their business so they have a really strong place to grow from. 

Next, we go behind the scenes and figure out how to create more space and time freedom in their business. We decide what they can do less, better. We look at systems they need, then implement them together. We identify what they can delegate and who they should delegate to. We look at their schedule, their routines, their habits, their workflows. In short, we make sure they have everything they need to feel like their business is finally running like a well-oiled machine. 

Then it’s time for my favorite step: we turn our focus to growth and make a plan to take their business to the next level without overcomplicating things. That last piece is important because it’s all too easy to fall back into old habits and start hustling again. So we create a plan to grow with more ease, and prevent my clients from ending up right back where they started, feeling overworked, overwhelmed and stuck. 

This is the three-part framework that forms the foundation of all my client interactions, whether we’re doing a month-long intensive or working together in a "coach on retainer" kind of partnership

That said, I want to share a little more about the last piece of the framework. So later this week I'll share more about what it really looks like to grow without overcomplicating things.

Until then, will you comment below and tell me which part of this framework you need most in your business? (Please know that it’s totally fine to answer ‘all three’.)

With love,