how to grow your business without overcomplicating things

I’m thrilled that you now know the framework I take my clients through to help them stop feeling like a hot mess and start growing a sustainable business with intention and ease. 

But I’m most excited that we’re starting this conversation about the last piece of the framework, the part where you learn how to take your business to the next level without overcomplicating things. 

This is an essential part of the work I do because we business owners are an ambitious bunch. We’re chasing big ideas and even bigger goals, and we have a tendency to slip back into hustle mode in the name of growth.

Since our goal is to create a life-giving business for you, we have to find ways to grow more sustainably. There are many ways to do that but, in my business, I’ve uncovered three key practices that will help you grow without the stress and overwhelm you’d experience when you’re operating in hustle mode.

Here they are:

1. I don’t worry about reinventing the wheel. I’m all for creating new things but I also see so much value in using what you’ve already created to grow your business. This is especially true when it comes to your content. Instead of reinventing the wheel all the time, you can share more – and grow more – by repurposing content in multiple ways, and on multiple platforms as well.

2. I rinse and repeat the strategies that work. There are so many strategies you can use to grow your audience, attract new customers and increase your revenue. It’s no wonder people are always jumping on the "next big thing". I find it more effective to determine which strategies work best for you, then put them on rinse and repeat in your business. That means if 1:1 outreach is your best lead generator, you spend an hour doing it every week. It means that if online workshops are the fastest way to grow your audience, you commit to doing one each month. 

3. I follow a Simplified Marketing PlanSo much of growth has to do with marketing so I created a simple plan that helps me stay on track with my efforts. It helps me be realistic about what I can do, and can’t, given my goals and my available time. It also helps me focus on doing a few things really well instead of trying to do all the things and failing at most of them. 

These strategies are inherently simple but simple can be the hardest thing to execute on your own. So if you want to explore how you can apply my coaching framework and these growth strategies to your business, click here to find a time to connect on a FREE Discovery call.

With love,