the number one reason you aren’t reaching your goals

When it comes to goal setting, many small business owners are great at defining what they want to achieve. 

They write down their monthly revenue goals.

They decide that this is the month they’re going to double their email list.

They tell their peers that they’re committed to launching a new course or product this quarter. 

There’s value in identifying goals like these. BUT if you really want to be successful at reaching them, you need to do more than just define what you want. 

Put another way: it’s not enough to just know your destination. You need to map out how you’re going to get there too.

This is the place where goal setting starts to feel a little tedious and time-consuming. It’s also why so many entrepreneurs just set basic, big picture goals when what they really need to do is create goals that are tied to specific, actionable steps.

Here’s why you want to consider setting the second type of goals: when you take the time to identify your goals and then break them down into actionable steps, you actually make it EASIER to achieve them. You’ll get where you want to go faster. And your action steps will help you identify where to start working toward a goal, and which step you should take next.

Now I’m guessing you’re curious what a goal looks like when it’s tied to specific, actionable steps. So later this week, I’ll show you how I broke down a recent goal in my own business.

For now, ask yourself: do I want to be the kind of business owner who sets basic, big picture goals? Or do I want to be the kind of entrepreneur who goes deeper and sets goals, then ties them to specific, actionable steps?

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