I’ve been dying to share this with you

I’ve been listening to the Creative Empire podcast for years and have always loved the inspiring and educational conversations they have with their guests.

So it was a pinch-me moment to join the hosts, Reina Pomeroy and Christina Scalera, on the show. Even better, we spent the interview talking about my favorite topics, among them embracing simplicity as you grow your business and focusing on doing less better. 

We also talked about…

  • How I got into the coaching world [0:01:43]
  • What the process of intentional business planning looks like [0:04:22]
  • Why people want fast growth [0:06:28]
  • How to define what success or intentionality looks like [0:07:51]
  • How to stay focused [0:12:36]
  • When you should work on growth activities [0:15:28]
  • Timeless marketing strategies [0:20:44]
  • Tools to stop feeling like a hot mess [0:25:53]

You can catch the entire episode here – and be sure to listen until the end when I share two invitations with the audience that absolutely extend to you too! 

With love,