here’s how to figure out what to delegate

Here we are again, having a conversation about outsourcing. About delegating. About getting some to dos off your list and some tasks off your plate. 

There’s a reason for that – this stuff is really important if you want to create more time to focus on the things that will truly help you grow your business.

But delegating is not an easy skill for most small business owners to master. Because even though you’ve realized you could create more opportunity for growth by outsourcing a few things, you likely haven’t taken the steps to do so. 

I’m going to venture that’s because it would force you to actually figure out what you should delegate. 

Not surprisingly, when you’ve been wearing all the hats in your business and taking care of everything yourself, it’s hard to see what you could let go of.

It can also feel hard to determine what would be the smartest thing for you to hand off. You’re simply too close to your business to have that perspective, which is why I’m going to help you figure out the answer to that pressing question today. 

For starters, before we consider what you should delegate, let’s figure out what you could delegate by doing a task audit in your business.

Here’s how: take out a blank sheet of paper and write down every single thing you do to keep your business running and growing. And I mean every single thing from serving clients to managing your social media to running your books at the end of the month. 

Big or small, you’re going to get it all down on paper. (So let’s be honest: you may need more than one sheet to document all you do.) 

Next, look at your list and circle the things that ONLY YOU can do along with the things that you absolutely couldn’t stand to give up because you truly enjoy doing them. There shouldn’t be many. These are the things you should keep doing yourself because it’s vital that you be the person who does them.

The rest of the items on your list serve as the answer to your question what should I outsource?Because, honestly, anything that you didn’t circle on your list is fair game to pass off to a team member, an assistant, a short-term contractor, an intern or even an automation or system.

What you need to hear now is that you do not have to delegate all of these things at once. That would require too much work and add too much stress to your life. Instead, you just need to pick one thing that you could delegate and make a plan to get it off your plate. 

So go ahead and pick the one thing you want to outsource now. If you’re having trouble, consider picking the task that really drains you or the one that, when outsourced, will free up the most of your time. Those are good places to start.

Then make a plan to get that task off your plate. Ask your peers for referrals. Put up a post in The Simplified Entrepreneur group asking for service provider recs. And give yourself a deadline so you’re clear exactly when you’re passing this item off. 

This is your chance to stop doing all the things and see what’s possible when you find one thing to delegate and free up your time for the big picture stuff.

With love,