the true cost of NOT simplifying your business

I have very clear reasons why I want to help you simplify your business, namely that it’s going to create more space for revenue-generating projects, more time to do fulfilling work and more freedom to enjoy the things and people you appreciate most in life.

But, in truth, my why runs deeper than that – and I know your desire for more ease and intention in your business does too.

That’s because we both know that you can’t afford NOT to simplify your business. 

The stakes are just too high.

And I’m not just talking about the stakes in your business, although that’s where the awareness often starts. It starts when…

You realize that you spend the majority of your day putting out fires and dealing with admin headaches instead of being productive. 

You watch opportunities to pursue bright ideas and new services turn stale – or worse, get executed by someone else – because you didn’t have time to tend to them.

You notice that your revenue isn’t where it should be and can’t figure out how to change that when you’re already operating in hustle mode.

You admit that everything from your customer service to your approach to marketing could be more efficient and effective if only you could figure out how to streamline things.

You recognize that your draining workload and too-full schedule are holding you back from reaching the next level of success.

And that’s just the business side of things. When it comes to your life, there’s a huge cost to NOT simplifying too. Because if you continue to operate the way you have in your business, it’s going to continue to negatively impact your health, your relationships and your ability to enjoy leisure time. 

If you keep going the way you’ve been going, you’ll continue to sacrifice sleep, skip yoga class and call that cup of lukewarm coffee breakfast. You’ll continue to feel like you’re always tethered to your business and never have time to enjoy hobbies or go on vacation or just unplug. And you’ll keep sacrificing time spent with the people you love most – your friends, your partner, your kids – even though you know that time is fleeting. It’s time you can’t get back.

These are the true costs of NOT simplifying – and while I know this is resonating with you, I also know it can be hard to hear. So I want you to know that your situation isn’t dire.

But it is urgent because the stakes in your work and life are too high.

That’s why I’d love to work with you to simplify, streamline and take your business to the next level right now. Helping you get through this high-stakes situation is part of my deeper why.

So if you’re reading this and thinking yes, these are the exact challenges I’m facing AND you believe working together will help you overcome them, click here to check out the details of my signature program, Simplified, and apply for a 1:1 coaching spot

With love,


P.S. So much is possible when you say yes to simplifying your business – just take it from my client Gariele Wright, who shared these exciting wins last week:

"This week has been a whirlwind - in a good way. I landed a huge client that both challenges and excites me. I ran a giveaway that was really successful, spoke with a potential partner for generating some evergreen income and landed a sponsorship with a brand at a rate I confidently presented and they happily accepted. Last week, I also had 6 discovery calls for clients, opportunities and supplementary income. I could not believe it."

-Gariele Wright, It’s Gariele and Rad Girls Collective

Gariele was surprised that she was experiencing these kinds of changes in our second month working together. I wasn’t because I know that this is the kind of growth you’ll experience when you simplify your business and focus on what matters most.

If you want to see what we can create together in your business, click here to check out the details of my signature 1:1 program, Simplified, and apply for a spot.