how long have you been waiting to create a schedule for your business?

I see a lot of business owners struggle to manage their time – and even though they know they need a schedule that works better for them, they can’t find time to create one because they’re so busy managing their day to day.

It’s pretty ironic. It’s also why I’m giving you the opportunity to stop procrastinating and finally create a productive schedule for yourself. And get this: we’re going to knock it out for you in just one hour. 

All you have to do is join me for my free Simplify Your Schedule Workshop a week from today on Thursday July 12th.

During this online workshop, I’ll teach you the four steps you need to take to create a schedule that will bring you more growth in your business, more fulfillment with your work and more freedom in your life. Not only that, this approach to time management will boost your productivity, increase your focus and help you stop feeling like you spend all day spinning on a hamster wheel. 

If you’ve been saying you need a better schedule in your business but you never get around to making one, this workshop is for you.

To rsvp and reserve your free spot, just CLICK HERE.

I’ll see you there.

With love,