this question comes up ALL the time (and it may surprise you)

As a business coach in the online space, I field a lot of questions. Questions about business strategy, sales and what it takes to be successful. Questions about mindset and money and marketing. Questions about streamlining and simplifying your business.

But the question that comes up with somewhat surprising frequency is about planners – specifically which planner will help you stay focused and productive with your time. 

I think this question comes up so often because we’re all seeking better solutions to our time management challenges, and looking for ways to organize all the to-dos and ideas and appointments flying around in our brain. 

This is why I created my method for planning your days along with free calendar templates that will help you manage your time and prioritize your most important work. But I recognize that you might also like a hardcover planner to use alongside that method – something you can slide into your workbag before you head to your favorite coworking space or just keep open on your desk. 

So today, I’m highlighting three simple, effective planners I’ve used to set goals, stay organized and be more productive in my business over the years. If you’re on the hunt for one, you’re sure to find a good match on this list. 

The Best Self Journal
This comprehensive 13-week planner is for the entrepreneur who wants to get really intentional with their time, and their goals. Mapping out my months, weeks and days in my Self Journal boosted my productivity and encouraged me to make time to reflect on what was working in my life and business, and what was not. 
Perfect for: The detail-oriented entrepreneur who wants space to map out their schedule and track everything from micro-goals to their daily gratitude practice.

The Productivity Planner
Though it looks simple, this little planner is a motivating force that will truly keep you on track as you work toward your weekly goals. It doesn’t include a calendar so I use it alongside my scheduling method as a way to organize projects and priorities in my business each week. 
Perfect for: Business owners who want help deciding what they should prioritize each week – and who desire built-in accountability to keep them on track with their goals.

The Get to Work Book
Designed to help you get to work and make progress on your big goals one day at a time, this planner provides you with week-at-a-glance spreads along with space for creative brainstorming and project breakdowns. I especially liked the way the calendar setup encourages you to focus on just three tasks at a time. 
Perfect for: Creative business owners who want plenty of space for weekly planning and project outlines, and who will appreciate the motivational prints that kick off each month.

These are some of my favorite planners but I know this isn’t an exhaustive list. So I’d love to hear from you: what planner or method do you use to keep track of your projects and schedule as an entrepreneur? 

Comment below and tell me what works best for you so I can add a few more options to my growing list.

With love,