THIS is a gold mine if you want to streamline your business

When it comes to streamlining your business, systems are king (though admittedly, not the most sexy thing). 

To uncover the ones you need most, many people will tell you to do a systems audit, where you look at everything you do in your business and identify where a system, process or workflow could help you streamline things behind the scenes. 

I’ve also recommended this approach in the past because an audit is the most obvious place to start.

But through my work with my 1:1 coaching clients, I’ve realized that a systems audit can feel like an awfully big, awfully overwhelming way to start working on your systems – and my goal is always to keep you out of overwhelm. 

So rather than going through all of your systems at once, I recommend starting on a smaller scale by focusing on systems for one specific area of your business before we address anything else. 

Personally, I like to start with your customers systems, which are the workflows and processes (like a client management system or customer feedback system) that help you serve your clients or customers well. Because they are so crucial to the success of your business, I believe they are among the most essential systems to focus on. 

Even better? There’s a really simple way to identify your customer systems. It starts with mapping out your customer journey.

A customer journey is a way of describing the sum of the experiences an individual goes through when they interact with your brand, from the very first touch point to the last. It covers all the stages from awareness to purchase to becoming a loyal fan and beyond.

You may already know this, of course. 

But what you might not realize yet is that your customer journey is a gold mine for uncovering customer systems you need in your business, along with those you could stand to refine. 

Here’s how you can use your customer journey to identify those important customer systems, using the same method I use with clients in our coaching sessions:

1. Get out something to write on – the more space you have to work with, the better. Then draw a line to serve as the visual representation of your customer journey. Think of it like a timeline. 

2. Along that timeline, start plotting the various points of your customer journey from the first touch point to the very last. Often the first touch point is awareness, where the potential client discovers your brand, service or product. Depending on what you do and sell, a final touch point could be the product purchase, "offboarding" the client or collecting a testimonial.

3. Look at your customer journey and identify the spots where you already have systems in place. Make note of the ones you could refine or improve.

4. Look at your customer journey and note the places where you think a system could help you streamline your process or save you valuable time. (For example, one that comes up a lot for my clients is setting up an onboarding system.)

5. Look at your customer journey and note the spots where a system could help you serve your clients more effectively and efficiently, or add value to their experience. (For example, you could create a project management system that helps you communicate with each client with ease.)

Once you’ve mapped out your customer journey and identified the gaps, you’ll have a list of specific, client systems that you can start to refine and create immediately. 

But remember, we’re trying to keep you out of overwhelm so, at this point, I just want you to identify ONE customer system that you will create and implement this week. Then, and only then, will you focus on the rest.

Now comment below and let me know what customer system you’re working on so I can provide accountability and weigh in with insights that will save you time and energy as you create it. 

With love,


P.S. If you’re ready to dive deeper into your business systems, the most valuable thing you can get is outside perspective. My coaching intensive is a great way to help you identify and create important systems in your business over the course of one month working together. Previous clients have used their intensive to create a simple marketing system, to streamline their client onboarding and management system, to design and implement a system for content creation and much more. 

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