5 surprising ways you’ll benefit from streamlining your business

A few months ago, I started working with a personal trainer to help me get in better shape. What surprised me most is not that we reached that goal but that, through the process, I’ve benefited in ways that were completely unexpected. 

In fact, some of those unexpected benefits are more valuable than the initial results I was chasing. Like I’ve grown an inch taller and have more confidence. I have more energy. I can better keep up with my kids. And I can suddenly manage the physical demands of remodeling our little midcentury ranch. 

Like I said…these results were completely unexpected. All I wanted was to get in better shape.

It strikes me that the same thing is true in the work I do as a business coach. Clients come to me with a specific goal to streamline their business so they can grow to the next level. But as I walk them through my coaching framework and help them simplify, they experience a bunch of benefits they didn’t see coming. 

After we wrap up our work, my clients often tell me that these unexpected benefits are the most important results we create for them.

Here are five of my favorites:

They have more clarity. Instead of always spinning their wheels, my clients gain a clear direction as to where their business is heading and how they’re going to get there. That clarity comes from a deeper understanding of their big picture business model, along with the action plans we create that will help them reach it. 

They feel laser-focused. A lot of clients come to me feeling like they’re stuck in the same place, chasing down new ideas left and right to try and take their business to the next level. After working together, they find their focus. They know what to prioritize and, equally important, what NOT to waste their time on. 

They find more satisfaction with their work. My intention is always to get clients back to doing the thing they love most. Streamlining their business allows them to spend more time doing their most fulfilling work, whether that’s creating content, launching new products or delivering an incredible customer experience.

They have more time freedom. A huge perk of simplifying is how much space it creates in your calendar. My clients use their newfound time freedom to indulge in creative, growth-oriented projects in their business, to get back to old hobbies in their life, to better care for their health and to spend more moments creating memories with their friends and family. 

They trust themselves a whole lot more. It’s completely surprising but somehow the process of simplifying a business empowers my clients to trust themselves. Instead of spending their time second-guessing their actions and decisions, they recognize that they have the skills and tools they need to grow their business. Even better? They no longer feel the need to work themselves into the ground to achieve the results they want. They trust that they are doing the right things and believe they can grow their business from a place of rest, not overwhelm.

As you read this list of the unexpected benefits simplifying will bring you, I’m curious what stuck out the most. So comment below and tell me, which one of these benefits would you most like to experience? Which one would make the biggest difference in your business and life? 

I can’t wait to find out.

With love,


P.S. If you already know that you want to simplify your business and experience unexpected benefits like these, I invite you to book a free Discovery Call – and soon! I have just one client opening for the rest of 2018 so please get in touch if you’re ready to take the next step and talk about what we could create for you. (I promise, I’ll make our Discovery Call pretty painless – you’ll probably also find that it’s clarifying, and even a little fun.)