this simple tool has brought in thousands of dollars in business

When it really comes down to it, running a business is a relationship game. It’s about the relationships you have with fellow business owners. It’s about the relationships you have with collaborators and referral partners. And it’s certainly about the relationships you have with warm leads and prospects in your business because they’re the ones that lead to growth.

The problem is that managing all those relationships – and all the details you need to remember about each one – can feel like a full-time job. So most of us end up neglecting those relationships and letting opportunities and potential clients slip through the cracks.

The solution? You guessed it: a simple system to keep you organized, and keep your business top of mind with the people who can influence your success.

Enter my outreach spreadsheet.

I created this spreadsheet because I learned long ago that I couldn’t trust myself to remember all the connections I was making each week in my business. Nor could I keep track of all the warm leads I wanted to stay in touch with. People kept slipping through the cracks, and I recognized that NOT having a system to manage my relationships was costing me far too many opportunities and far too much business. 

These days, things look different because my outreach spreadsheet helps me track connections and stay in touch with warm leads with ease. And for something so simple, it’s been hugely influential in taking my business to the next level. 

My outreach spreadsheet has helped me:

  • Convert warm leads into paying clients

  • Bring in thousands of dollars in income that would have otherwise been missed

  • Create connections that led to speaking opportunities like podcasts and summits

  • Generate repeat business from previous clients

  • Stay fully booked with the most amazing clients

All that from something that’s incredibly easy to set up and use. In fact, I’m going to show you how easy it is to implement this strategy in this short video training so you can get similarly great results in your business. 

So go ahead and click here to watch the training, then comment below and tell me: when are you committing to getting your own outreach spreadsheet set up?

With love,

P.S. If you skimmed to the bottom of this message, here’s what you need to know: you can manage all the relationships, connections, client leads and more in your business without it becoming a full-time job. Just watch this short video to learn how a simple spreadsheet can help you keep track of your connections and make the most of the fact that running a business really is a relationship game.