the real reason I simplified my business (it’s not what you’d expect)

If there’s one thing I deeply, deeply believe, it’s that simplicity leads to growth.

But I didn’t always believe it. In fact, my original reasons for simplifying and streamlining my business had very little to do with reaching the next level and EVERYTHING to do with my life. 

You see, I have two growing girls, and I wanted the freedom to coach their soccer teams and take them out for frozen yogurt after school. I value my relationships and my community, so I wanted to create flexibility in my schedule to volunteer at preschool on a Tuesday morning and join my husband for a coffee date in the middle of the workday. I’m also a health nut who has a hard time getting through the day without a sweaty run or strength training session, so I knew my schedule needed to include space for working out.

Put another way, I’m here to live a rich, fulfilling, expansive life – and I have always known that my business needs to support that intention.

So instead of hustling hard, I simplified. Instead of burning out, I created a work-life blend that worked for me. Instead of taking on tasks and to-dos that would add to my stress and overwhelm, I opted to grow my business with focus and intention. Instead of basing my decisions on what other business owners valued, I got clear on what I valued and prioritized those things above all else.

And after a lot of trial and error, I was able to build a simple, sustainable business that provides me with purpose, freedom and plenty of joy. 

The thing I wasn’t quite expecting to get out of this whole simplification process was growth. It seemed counterintuitive to think that I could do less and grow more, so I was surprised when the numbers so clearly proved that simplifying also grew my business – a lot. 

Now your reasons for simplifying may be different than mine. They could be about growth or your family or your health. They could also be that you’re ready to work less and live more. Or maybe you just know it’s time. 

My point in sharing this today is that your reasons for simplifying should be personal. And, whatever they are, they are absolutely valid ones because they’re yours. 

So comment below and tell me: why do you want to simplify and streamline your business?

I really do want to know.

With love,