why your business needs you to take a vacation NOW

One of the things I’ve stayed committed to in my business is a 25-hour workweek, which gives me plenty of time to run my business AND focus on my biggest priorities outside of work. (Namely my family, my community and my health.)

BUT there's one thing I used to neglect when it came to enjoying the freedoms of being my own boss.

That thing? Taking extended time off.

I had a lot of fears around going completely off the grid for more than a day or two. I worried about getting behind while on vacation. I worried about neglecting social media. I worried that I didn’t have a big enough team to justify that kind of luxury. I worried that I’d lose my momentum.

Most of all, I worried that I wouldn't be supporting my clients enough if I left them to fly solo for a week or so.

But I was willing to experiment with taking extended time off because I’d built my business with freedom in mind AND because I knew I wouldn’t be walking my talk or enjoying the perks of running a simplified business if I didn’t at least try. 

I decided 2018 would be my year to experiment with spending more time unplugged. I started with a summer camping trip with family friends. Then in November, I flew to California to go hiking in the desert and read poolside with my husband for a week. Shortly after that, I took two weeks off around the holidays so I could really enjoy winter break with my daughters.

It felt indulgent – maybe even a little reckless – to take so much time off. But with each break, it got easier. I discovered I could step away because I’d set myself up for success. I’d designed my business – and my schedule – with this kind of freedom and flexibility in mind.

So when my husband and I booked a trip for January to surprise our daughters with a week in Disneyland, I knew everything would be fine with my business when I came back.

What I didn’t expect was what happened next. Because while I was riding Space Mountain and watching my daughters soak up the Disneyland magic, my business was actually GROWING. When I returned home, I discovered that I had booked a new client and received inquiries from four more. Not only that, but when I looked back at 2018, I realized that I'd had some of my best months in business when I'd been vacationing. Even though I'd worked far less during those months, I experienced more growth.

You could argue that the timing of these results was coincidental. But I believe they happened because I was out living my message of simplified entrepreneurship. I was proving that it ispossible to have a thriving business AND a rich, fulfilling life. And, with each trip, I was inviting busy, overwhelmed business owners to dream about what extended time off could look like for them.

Now I’m inviting you to do the same because it is possible for you to simplify your business, take extended time off and have things run smoothly while you’re away. More than that, it’s possible to actually experience more growth when you do.  

It starts by getting curious about the possibilities and setting an intention to make it happen.

So let’s start there. Tell me, what vacation do you dream of taking this year?

Comment below and let me know.

With love,


P.S. You may be thinking that a vacation sounds nice but your business isn’t set up to enjoy one. If that’s the case, check out my interview on the She Did It Her Way podcast. I talk about how I’m able to run a full-time business in part-time hours – and many of those strategies can help you create space for extended time off too.