your systems don't have to be complicated

You might be among the many business owners who assume that the best systems are the most complicated ones.

You might also be thinking that you need costly tech tools to set systems up, which is why you think you need to grow more before you can afford to get systems in place.

I disagree. Strongly. 

Because while plenty of elaborate, expensive systems exist, the ones that I use to create the most organization, ease and growth in my business are simple.

Even better, they don’t require a huge investment or loads of time to set up.

Simply put, when it comes to systems, simple works. 

So, what would a simple system in your business look like? And what tools would you need to put it into place? 

I’m glad you asked because I’m going to share three of my favorite tools along with the systems they help me create. Here they are: 

Sticky Notes
I’ve always been a visual person who does best when I can see things on pen and paper. Sticky notes have allowed me to document a few basic systems in my business, then keep them right in front of me on my desktop monitor. I tend to use sticky notes for daily systems; right now, I’m using them to document the steps in my morning routine (so I never forget to do it) and to track my client load for each quarter so I don’t overbook myself.  

Call me a nerd but I love spreadsheets and have been using them in my business since day one. They help me organize lots of information in one place, and track both my progress and the results I’m getting. These days, I primarily use spreadsheets to track lead generation, collaborations and key metrics like financial projections.

Let’s just admit that checking something off a list is insanely satisfying – and motivating too. I use basic checklists in my business to track client onboarding and organize all the tasks I need to do for big picture projects, like leading a workshop or speaking on a podcast.

These simple systems are proof that you don't need complicated or expensive tools to streamline your business so you can grow more. You can create simple systems using simple tools now and get fancy later (though I doubt you’ll even need to).

Now I’d love to hear from you. Do you use sticky notes, spreadsheets, checklists or a similarly simple tool to create systems in your business? Comment below and let me know. 

Or, if you’re not there yet, tell me something you want to create a system for in your business and I’ll reply with a suggestion for a simple tool that will help you make it happen now.

With love,


P.S. Last week, I joined Mark LePage to talk about systems on the EntreArchitect podcast. Though we got specific and focused mostly on systems for architects, I assure you that many of the systems we discussed benefit all service-based business owners. To listen to the episode, click here.