how simplifying set Lyndsay up to scale to 200K this year

Business owners like you often tell me that you want to streamline your business so you can…

ditch the hustle and work less
stop wearing all the hats so you can get back to the work you really love doing
make more time to tackle long-neglected projects and create new revenue streams
create more space in your schedule to fit in that afternoon yoga class 
unplug long enough to enjoy a real vacation 

And, of course, it’s also about growth. Because you recognize that you can’t reach the next level in your business - and do it in a way that provides you with plenty of freedom and flexibility in your life - if you don’t streamline things first.

That’s certainly where Lyndsay was at.

Lyndsay is the owner and founder of Ellen Grace Marketing, where she helps established business owners create clear marketing plans so they can improve their customer engagement and increase sales. As an established business owner, she had a solid client base, steady revenue and small support team to lean on.

But even though she’d experienced some success, Lyndsay knew that things could be so much better. She knew that more growth, visibility, revenue and ease were possible for her if she could figure out how to simplify and streamline things behind the scenes.

That’s why Lyndsay and I got on a call.

As we chatted, Lyndsay told me that she wasn’t taking steps to reach the next level in her business because she was too busy managing the day-to-day. She was working too many hours and spending her time creating custom proposals for clients who were an ok fit, when what she really wanted to do was create signature services to attract high-level clients.

She also recognized that she had some holes in the backend of her business. She needed systems and processes that would allow her to stop doing all the things and handle basic tasks with ease. She also needed to firm up her business foundation so she could start taking steps to get visible and become a recognized expert in her field. 

More than anything, Lyndsay knew it was time to take action. As she puts it, "I was at a point where I didn't want to mess around anymore. I wanted to go all in and make big changes, and I knew that I would be more committed to the process and the goals on the other end if I invested in support."

When Lyndsay decided to work together through my Simplified Experience partnership, she set herself up to experience more growth, freedom, fulfillment and more. 

During our four-month coaching partnership, Lyndsay... 

  • Crafted an elevator pitch that perfectly articulates the value she provides to prospective clients.  

  • Created three signature services that got her excited about her business again, and quickly brought in thousands in recurring revenue.

  • Redesigned her web site to showcase her unique skill set and attract the right kind of clientele.

  • Led a live workshop that was so good the other presenters were asking how they could hire her.

  • Simplified every step in the sales process so she could convert warm leads into clients and turn past clients into recurring clients.

  • Streamlined her workflows to create more ease on the backend and improve her client experience.

Most importantly, Lyndsay now feels like she has permission to step back from her business. These days, she takes breaks to focus on her priorities outside of work, like her family and cycling. She also has a set schedule to handle her day-to-day work so it doesn’t overwhelm her. On top of all that, she's now attracting high-level clients who will allow her to scale her business to 200K and beyond without the overwhelm

If these are the kind of results you want in your business and life, there’s just one thing you need to do: comment below and tell me what does ‘taking your business to the next level’ look like for you?

You can bet I’ll write back with some ideas of how you can start to make that happen now.

With love,