why I let go of a big goal this month

At the start of a new year, it’s hard to be immune to the draw of goal setting, which is why you may have laid out some pretty ambitious plans for your business last month.

I know I certainly did.

In my case, I set a goal to start hosting a free monthly mastermind. The idea was that I’d coach four business owners on a topic related to simplifying their business, and give them tons of support in a single group session. It sounded fun, and I knew it would be the kind of high-touch experience I love creating for my community. So my team and I mapped it all out for a February launch.

But as the launch date got closer, I realized I didn’t have the bandwidth to host a monthly mastermind AND keep doing the things I was already doing to run and grow my business. Adding one more project to my plate was just going to push me into the territory of overwhelm, which never serves my business or life.

More importantly, I took a step back and saw that I didn’t need to do anything new in order to drive the results I desired in my business. I could stay fully booked with amazing clients and experience growth month after month if I just kept doing what I was already doing.

So I decided to pause my goal to create a monthly mastermind.

I still think the monthly mastermind is a good idea, and I might do it someday. But I’m not pursuing the goal now because it was making things way too complicated – and unnecessarily so.

It was just a bright, shiny object I decided to chase because I got caught up in the energy of the New Year.

So what am I doing instead?

I’m taking my own advice and simplifying.

I’m giving myself permission to do less, but better.

I’m focusing on what is already working well in my business to drive results instead of constantly trying to reinvent the wheel.

I’m refining the strategies that already work to make them work even better.

What I’m not doing is chasing after goals that don’t serve me.

Now let me be clear that I’m not saying don’t set big goals. If your big goals are going to create great results for you and you have the ability to go after them without overcomplicating your business and life, then they’re probably worth pursuing.

Just do me a favor and first ask yourself: will going after this new goal drive the results you want? Or can you get those results doing the things you’re already doing now?

All my best,