want to reach your goals this month? Read this.

When it comes to setting goals, most service-based business owners and online entrepreneurs are clear about the outcomes they want to achieve.

Their goals often sound like this:

I will hit 10K in revenue this month.
I will double my email list this quarter.
I will have a full client load by the end of the month.
I will make 5K in passive income from my new course.
I will be a guest on 5 podcasts this spring.

These types of goals are called outcome goals, and they’re important because they define what you want to achieve.

But they have a flaw, which is to say that they aren’t completely in your control. Nor are they very actionable.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that will make your goals more actionable AND easier to reach. You just need to start pairing your outcome goals with process goals.

A process goal is just like it sounds: a process that will create results when you do it consistently. Think of them as the action you’ll take repeatedly to make your outcome goals more likely.

Let me give you an example that’s not at all about business. It’s about health goals. Specifically, let’s say your outcome goal is to run an 8-minute mile by the time summer racing season begins.

In this case, you know your end result (an 8-minute mile). To get there, you need to set process goals that will help you work consistently toward it. For example, you might set a process goal to run two days a week with a faster running partner. You might start working with a running coach once a week on your technique. Or, you might do daily mindset exercises that help you believe you’re the kind of person who can run an 8-minute mile.

Now let’s talk about process goals in the context of your business. For example, if your outcome goal is to double your revenue this quarter, you might set a process goal to send out three proposals to prospective clients each week. You might set one to send out a sales email to your list each month. You might also make a goal to build relationships with five great referral partners this quarter.

With process goals like these, it’s important that you’re clear what you’re committing to and that you take consistent action. When you do that, you’ll have something actionable to focus on and you’ll streamline your approach to working toward your goals.

Plus, when you focus on your process goals, a magical thing happens: it becomes much more likely that you’ll reach your outcome goal too.

So here’s your action step today. Take a look at the goals you’ve set for March. Have you only set outcome goals? Or have you also created process goals that will support you along the way?

If you’re having trouble setting process goals to support your outcome goal, comment below and tell me what your outcome goal is. I’ll respond personally with some suggestions of process goals that will help you get the best results.   

With love,