already overwhelmed by your spring goals? this may be why.

There are so many types of goals you can set for your business. You can set financial goals. Visibility goals. Team-building goals. Productivity goals. Marketing goals. Networking goals.

The list goes on and on - and might be why you find yourself setting a ton of goals at the start of a new quarter only to discover you don’t have the motivation or time to work on them all.

The obvious solution would be to set fewer goals. But that can be a hard sell if you’re an ambitious business owner who wants to excel and grow in all areas of your business. 

So let me ask you this to put things in context: would you rather set a ton of goals in your business then struggle to make progress on them or would you rather set a few intentional goals and focus exclusively on them so you can really move the dial forward in your business?

If you’re leaning toward the latter option, here’s my recommendation: try streamlining your goal setting approach this quarter by setting just three goals. 

Picking just three goals will create intention and focus. It will alleviate stress. It will help you actually make progress and, dare I say, finally complete some goals that have been on your list for months. 

And when it comes to picking those three goals, there’s a simple way to identify the right ones for right now. First, brainstorm a list of potential goals you could work on this quarter. Then ask yourself: 

  1. Which of these goals are the most timely to focus on?

  2. Which of these goals will help drive the results I want in my business right now?

  3. Which of these goals will create more growth in my business and ease in my life?

If you take the time to brainstorm a list of potential goals then ask yourself these three questions, I can almost guarantee that you’ll know what to focus on. 

And if you do the exercise and your three goals still aren’t clear, just comment below and let me know where I can help. I really will respond with a personal message.

With love,


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