why this small business owner decided to streamline - and how it led to his best year to date

I live for the little moments.

Like the moment when a business owner realizes they need to streamline their services so they can grow more sustainably.

Or the moment they recognize that their lack of systems behind-the-scenes means they’re working way more hours than they’d like.

Or the moment they decide it’s time to stop hustling and start building their business with focus, ease and intention so they can grow more while doing less.

The best part is that business owners can have realizations like these and make changes even if they don’t know what to do next or how to do it. They just have to be willing to show up differently, and bring on the right support. 

That’s exactly where Jake was at when we first connected, which is why I knew he was a perfect fit for my Simplified Experience partnership.

Jake owns JWK Design, a residential design and construction management firm that helps families create their comfortable, modern home. When we started working together, he’d been in business for three years but still didn’t have a handle on his marketing or concrete plans that would help him grow. 

So even though Jake enjoyed his work, it also felt stressful, haphazard and unfocused. He knew it needed to change if he wanted to experience more success - and do it in a way that supported his life as an active individual and the dad of two young boys.

For starters, Jake knew he needed to bring more intention to his business. He wanted to refine his web site, messaging and services to attract the right type of clients. He also saw a need for systems that would free up his time and prevent opportunities from slipping through the cracks. Plus, he was bubbling over with ideas for new projects and revenue streams that would help him grow more.

What he didn’t have was time to get to all these things.

So we started by setting Jake up with a simplified schedule that gave him time to do his client work, time to market his business and time to focus on new ideas. (We also made sure he was getting gym and family time in because I believe in prioritizing life too.) 

From there, we worked to firm up the foundation of Jake’s business. We developed messaging that highlighted his many years of industry experience. We created valuable content to help Jake engage with his audience and mapped out his YouTube channel so he could finally launch it. We made a lead tracking system to help him stay on top of warm leads and new business. We even worked on visibility strategies and got Jake on a podcast that connected him with some big names in his industry. 

On top of all that, Jake closed out the year earning more than he ever had before.

Now I realize that you may not want the exact same things as Jake. We all have different goals. But if you’re having a moment of your own right now - a moment where you realize that you can’t keep operating in overwhelm if you want to take your business to the next level - let this be your call to action.

Because now that I’ve helped Jake streamline his business, I have one opening for the Simplified Experience - and it’s my only opening for this package until fall because I take on fewer clients during the summer months. (Again, life first.)

Now I’m not going to list out all the features of this coaching partnership (though you can find them here.) And I’m not going to tell you about how great it is because I believe you already know if it’s for you.

Instead, I’m going to let Jake have the final word:

"While I knew there was a lot I wanted to tackle in my business, Ashley’s demeanor and the resources she makes available made the work feel easy. She was calm, confident and organized on our calls. She also seemed to have a resource for everything, and didn’t hesitate to do extra research for me when she didn’t.

If you decide to work with her, don’t be afraid to divulge all the details of how you’re working now AND all the details for those dream projects you’d like to implement someday. Ashley is very good at helping you prioritize all of them together, and has the resources to make any of them a reality in your business."

If Jake’s words, and results, speak to you, let’s set up a time to chat. Again, I only have one spot for The Simplified Accelerator available until fall, so if you’re ready to get the support you want to streamline your business, let’s connect.

With love,