think you need a VA to get some things off your plate?

My clients have sent me not one but three messages last week that all say the same thing: they think they’re ready to bring on a VA, and they want to know if I can help them with hiring so they can do it right the first time around.

Now, I’m a firm believer that having support is key if you want to streamline your business so you can grow to the next level - not to mention create more ease and spaciousness for you.

But before my clients jump straight into hiring a VA, I always ask them to consider two things.

First, I ask them to consider why they want to hire someone. They usually respond that they’re tired of doing all the things and that they want to free up their time to tackle some big picture work in their business (or, possibly, not have to work so much). 

But it’s not enough to just feel like you’d like to delegate a few tasks or like you’d like a few hours back in your week. You also need to be clear on why you want those tasks off your plate and what you would do with your time when you free some of it up. 

Put another way, you need to identify the opportunities hiring would help you create. 

Then you also want to figure out the exact tasks you want to delegate so you make sure you hire someone with the right skill set for your needs. That might end up being a VA. But as you reflect, you might discover that the area you actually need support is with your bookkeeping. Or your social media strategy. Or your content. Or all the graphic elements you create for your business. 

The bottom line here is that when you’re hiring for your business, it pays to be intentional. So take your time thinking about your needs. And before you put up a job posting in a FB group or start interviewing people, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Why do I really want to hire someone, and what opportunities do I want that hire to help me create?

  2. What tasks are most essential for me to get off my plate at this stage in my business?

Then comment below and let me know what tasks you really want to get off your plate. 

Who knows? I might even know the perfect person for the job, in which case I will gladly introduce you.

With love,


P.S. The questions I shared above will certainly help you get intentional as you look to hire in your business. But if you want to get more strategic and create a solid delegation plan for your business, I invite you to check out The Task Audit Workbook. I use this tool with my clients to help them identify what they want to delegate and who they want to delegate to, and now I’m gifting it to you so you can do the same.