please stop doing all the things to grow your business (instead, do this!)

When it comes to growing your business, your options - and your obligations - can feel endless. 

You’ve got organic reach. Paid advertising. SEO. Referrals. Networking groups. Social media. Email marketing. Collaborations. Speaking gigs.

The list goes on and on - and if you try to implement all of these strategies at once, you’re going to end up in overwhelm.

Not to mention, you’ll spread yourself so thin that it will be hard to execute any of these growth strategies very well.  

And when you don’t do them well, you’ll have trouble being effective.

This is why I encourage my clients to bring focus and intention to the strategies they use to grow their business. 

It’s why I vote for doing less, better. It’s why I encourage business owners to double down on what’s already working instead of throwing a bunch of spaghetti at the wall. And it’s why I encourage them to practice constraint and focus on just a few new marketing strategies at any given time. 

Wondering what that actually looks like in practice? Let me tell you about the growth plan I created last week for one of my clients, who we’ll call Amber. 

Amber runs a service-based business where she works with clients 1:1. She’s experienced success in her business but also has the capacity to take on more clients and grow to the next level.

What she doesn’t want to do is work around the clock to market her business so she can grow more. 

So to start, I asked Amber what had worked in the past to bring in clients. She didn’t hesitate before answering "referrals".  

Knowing that referrals were a strong source of revenue in the past, Amber and I created a simple plan for her to increase her referrals so she could get better results using a strategy that was already working for her. She can easily execute this plan in less than an hour a week and, even better, it feels good to her.

Next, I asked Amber what she enjoyed doing to attract clients. She told me that creating content and teaching were her favorite ways to share her expertise. So I asked her to commit to consistently creating content for her newsletter and for Instagram (her two favorite channels) and reminded her that it shouldn’t all be value-driven content. She needed to make a habit of asking for business regularly too. 

Finally, because Amber loves teaching, we brainstormed topics for a signature workshop and came up with a list of places she could pitch it to. Now all she needs to do is create the content and start sending pitches. 

When we started our session, Amber had many options to try and grow her business to the next level. Now, she knows which of those options will work for her and she has a streamlined growth plan that focuses on just three things: building her referral network, creating content for her own audience and pitching guest workshops to places where her ideal client is hanging out. 

Because these strategies are streamlined and because we created systems and plans to help Amber implement each one, she’ll be able to market and grow her business with more ease and more intention. 

As you reflect on how Amber and I refined her growth strategy, I’d encourage you to do the same. So take a few minutes and think about the things you’re doing right now to market your business. 

Then ask yourself, where can I bring more intention and focus to my growth strategy right now?

And if you’d like my help answering that question, comment below so we can chat about how we can create a focused, intentional growth strategy for your business too.

With love,