why people burn out in their business (and what to do about it)

I talk with many business owners who struggle with burnout. With overwhelm. With the feeling that they could not sustain the time and effort it requires to run their business for the long haul. 

And for that? They often blame themselves - or in the very least, question where they went wrong.

Now I’m all for holding yourself accountable for the actions you took and the decisions you made to land in overwhelm. But I also know that it’s not all that productive to sit in judgement of your current situation when there’s a good chance you simply didn’t know better.

You didn’t know better when you designed your services based on what other people in your industry were doing instead of questioning how their business model would work for you.

You didn’t know better when you kept telling clients ‘yes, I can help you with that too’ instead of focusing exclusively on your area of expertise.

You didn’t know better when you created new offers without considering their profitability, or the time it would take you to deliver them.

You didn’t know better when you thought the only way to make more money was to work more.

Simply put, you didn’t know what you know now. You didn’t know that if you want a sustainable, life-giving business, you have to design it with intention.

I talk about this a lot with my clients when we work together to streamline the foundation of their business. It’s why we look at their business model and see if it’s a good fit for their strengths and their clients. It’s why we look at their offers and services and ask if they’re sustainable. It’s why we look at their prices and profitability to see if their business is set up to create the success they desire. 

Then after we assess where their business is now, we revise. We refine. We edit. We throw out the things that aren’t working, and keep the things that are aligned with the kind of business they want to run, and the kind of business owner they want to be. 

Some people find this work daunting or worry that it’s too late to start. But if you can trust your timing and commit to doing the work, it's liberating because it empowers you to create a business that works for your life instead of just doing what worked for someone else. 

When it comes to your business, what’s one thing you would like to refine or redesign to create a more intentional business foundation?

Comment below and let me know. I might even have a resource to send your way to help you make that thing a reality.

With love,