step one to setting up your systems

Many business owners who hear the word "systems" want to run in the opposite direction. Sure, they’ve heard that systems will help them streamline their business. They’ve heard that they can help them get organized and create more ease behind the scenes. They’ve even heard talk that systems can help them grow their business to the next level. 

But they shy away from systems because they just don’t know where to start - and the ‘not knowing’ prevents them from making any progress on their systems at all.

Fortunately, if you’re in that situation, this is something we can fix with a systems assessment. 

Stay with me because I know that the word assessment can sound a little formal, and likely time-consuming. In reality, it’s just a short exercise that will bring you clarity and help you get into action.

My systems assessment will introduce you to the four main categories of business systems and help you identify the ones you need in your particular business. Equally important, it will help you determine the systems you don’t need to worry about at all. 

Doing the assessment will also help you create a plan for tackling your systems set up. And when it comes to systems, a plan is just what you need to help you start making progress and stay out of overwhelm. 

When you’re ready to get started with your assessment, you’ll find it inside my new Simplified Systems Workbook.

Once you’ve finished your assessment, the workbook will also help you set up four key systems in your business. You’re welcome to tackle those too but I don’t want you to worry about them yet because you don’t need to do everything at once. 

In fact, I’m a big fan of starting with one simple step when it comes to your systems, and the assessment is the best place to begin. And if it’s the only thing you do right now, you’ll still benefit and be one step closer to having strong systems in place in your business. 

Got questions? All you have to do is comment below.

With love,