the secret to marketing with more ease

As small business owners, your innovation and creativity are huge assets. These skills are what allow you to bring new ideas to market. They’re what help you create new services and experiences for your clients. They’re what made it possible for you to get into business in the first place.

But your creativity can actually work against you when it comes to your marketing. That’s because it can keep you in the mindset that you constantly need to make new things to market and grow your business, which will create loads of extra work for you and add to your overwhelm.

I’d much prefer that you to stop trying to create new things and stop trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your marketing. Instead, it’s time to leverage the things you’ve already created to market and grow your business.

The easiest way for me to explain this approach to marketing is to show you what it actually looks like. So let me share a tangible example from my own business with you. 

A few months ago, I created The Simplified Systems Challenge to help my audience get simple, efficient systems set up in their business. It was a really successful challenge so I quickly recognized that I didn’t just want to run the challenge and shelf the content. Instead, post-challenge, I asked myself how can I use this content in other ways so I can keep leveraging it to market my business and bring value to my audience?

I came up with a few things - none of which required much time or energy on my part to execute.

  • I turned the challenge workbook into a lead magnet for my business so I can continue to use it to grow my email list. To get the lead magnet ready, I just spent an hour of my time writing copy for the email funnel and the social media posts to promote it. 

  • I pitched an idea to a podcast host that would allow me to talk about the workbook content through a guest interview. 

  • I started sending the workbook to people inside a membership community I’m a part of whenever they post about needing help with their systems.

  • I continued sharing the workbook with my audience by including it as a value-add when I write about systems in my email newsletter (like I did last week).

These things did not require me to create something entirely new to market my business. Nor did they take much time. They feel almost effortless, which is what it should feel like when you want to market your business with more ease and less overwhelm.

Not only that, but leveraging this content again and again in my marketing is helping create deeper resonance with my audience, which is important because people often need to hear something many times over before they see you as a go-to expert for that thing.

If you’re in the habit of constantly creating new things to market your business, I encourage you to seek out ways you can market your business without doing something brand new. To start uncovering how you can do that, ask yourself how can I leverage what I’ve already created to market my business

Then comment below and tell me one thing you’ve discovered you can leverage in a new way. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

With love,