want to work less and live more this summer? I recorded this for you.

Unless you’re the rare unicorn who likes working around the clock, you’re probably searching for ways to work less in your business so you can live more.

And because you’ve heard business owners say that they enjoy a freedom-filled schedule or that they make a full-time living while working part-time hours, you believe it’s possible for some people to work less.

You just can’t see how it would be possible for you.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this interview with Maggie Patterson of the Small Business Boss podcast. We got together to chat about how I make a full-time living in part-time hours, and to share transparently about how it all works and what it really looks like behind-the-scenes.

We talked about:

  • Simple ways you can start rolling back the hours you work every week.

  • How systems have supported my goal of working less.

  • How many hours my team really puts in (the answer may surprise you).

  • How you can trim the fat in your business so you have less to do.

You can catch the entire episode here. I hope it finds you in time to help you make some changes to your schedule right now so you can work less and start enjoying all the wonderful things summer brings.

With love,