why I’m eliminating a profitable service

There are moments in every one of our businesses when we realize it’s time to make a change not because we need to fix something or solve a pressing problem but rather because we know that things could be so much better for our clients, and ourselves.

I recently found myself in this position when it came to my service packages.

Now let me preface this by saying that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my coaching services. I had three strong packages that sold well, and got my clients great results. 

But something felt off - and because I believe so strongly in intentional business design, I decided to dig in and see why I was feeling that way, and what I needed to streamline.

I started by looking at my service packages as a whole and asking myself, did I really need all three

The answer was no. And more so, I could clearly see which package I needed to retire. Sure it was popular with my clients and profitable for my business. But it also limited the ways I could support my clients, and created scope creep in my business that complicated my life. 

So I let it go and gave myself permission to focus on just two service packages.

But I didn’t stop there because I knew that I also needed to refine the features of my remaining packages. I knew that being intentional with what I included in the service packages and how I delivered them would help me get my clients even better results. It also created services that I’m 100 percent in love with, and more excited to sell and deliver than I’ve ever been before. 

I made the decision to streamline my services because I knew it was time, and because I saw that the changes were in the best interest of my clients, and myself. With these new service packages, my clients get more focused, hands-on support over a longer period of time for less of an investment. The best part is that I know I have the bandwidth to embrace those changes because I’m no longer dividing my attention between three different services. 

This week, I encourage you to look at your own service packages - especially if you’ve been feeling like you have too many offers or like your packages and pricing are too complicated. 

Ask yourself do I really need (and want) all of these service packagesAre they in the best interest of my clients and my desire to run a streamlined business that supports my life?

If you answered no to these questions, comment below and let me know why you’d like to streamline your services. I’d love to be a sounding board and even help you work through ideas for how you could streamline them if you’re feeling stuck.