Craving that next level of visibility?

If you’ve been running your business for several years and have started to feel like you’re ready for the next level of visibility and success, my friend, Krista Miller, wrote this special guest post just for you. Krista is the queen of hosting profitable, value-packed, community-building online summits and now she helps business owners like you learn to do the same. Read on if you’ve been wondering how a summit could work for you to increase your visibility and grow to the next level.

If you’ve been in business for a couple years, you probably have consistent clients or sell plenty of your digital product. But, you’re ready for more. And not only "more" in terms of sales and subscribers (although those are some great perks), but more space to make an impact, more meaningful connections and more of your dream clients and customers in your community.

In an attempt to reach those goals, you’ve tried all of the popular growth strategies. Things like guest posts, Instagram story takeovers and maybe even joint webinars or Facebook ads. And while you see a little return, those things aren’t bringing you to the next level.

What if I told you there was one single thing you could do to change all that? What if there was one thing you could do to skyrocket your visibility so you could increase your revenue, get warm leads on your email list, make a bigger impact, and increase your connections? Would you do it?

I think you would - and that one thing exists! It’s an online summit.

Now hang with me. So many people think that virtual summits are gross, marketing-heavy events hosted by big-name influencers. And those types of summits exist, but you don’t have to do your summit that way to get great results.

I launched my first summit with an email list of 500 people. I made $16,000, tripled my list, built amazing relationships with speakers and still have attendees coming back to thank me for changing their lives more than a year later.

That’s the kind of summit you want to host.

Now I’m not here to tell you it’s a quick and easy solution. But it’s one single event you can put your energy towards for a few months to see an incredible return.

I know putting a summit together is a lot to think about and you don’t know where to start. But I’m going to make the process easy for you with my free guide, 12 secrets to your first profitable online summit.

Inside this free PDF you’ll learn:

  • The single thing that will determine whether your summit makes a couple hundred dollars or thousands of dollars

  • How to create a summit that is truly transformational to your audience

  • Where the revenue comes in if registration is free

  • How to see your email list size multiply without spending thousands of dollars on ads

  • How to build meaningful relationships with your attendees

  • And so much more…

Click here to download my free guide, 12 secrets to your first profitable online summit

Shortly after, I’ll help you create your planning timeline and guide you through the most important pieces to setting your summit up successfully.

I can’t wait to see the transformational summit you create!